List of Things Needed for the Challenge….

Things you will need for challenge

1) cheap little purse size note pad to journal your daily food

 2) Supplements & Vitamins are a MUST! You will need the following: Some type of Women’s daily vitamin, Omega 3 Fish Oil Pill 1200 mg (take 5 pills per day) & Vitamin D pill (take as directed)

 3) GET A SCALE PERIOD! Some of you already have one, but others don’t own a scale for different reasons. It is so IMPORTANT to know your BMI but first you need to know your height & weight. Weigh ins are EVERY SUNDAY so again please get a scale.

 . I will tell a cold hard fact in another post as to why some of us & other obese people do not own a scale and also give you a link as to where to get one for a reasonably price that goes up to 550lbs and verbally talks to you……..

 4) Have a mental 2-3 day meal plan that consist of foods you like. Literally think about it & prepare/cook enough meals that will last you up to the next 2-3 days. Not unless you LOVE to cook everyday having a well thought out plan and cooking enough food so that you only have to cook 2x a week will bless you.


5)WE ALL HAVE BUSY SCHEDULES! So don’t let this be the reason you don’t plan ahead. If you haven’t been able to cook then stay as close as possible to the Paleo list of foods to eat when dinning out. (I can provide you with a list of Paleo friendly restaurants)

 For example, if you forgot your lunch and wanted to grab something from a quick burger place: Order the burger with lettuce, tomato & onion if you like them BUT NO cheese, NO bread, NO mayo, NO ketchup. INSTEAD of fries order a sweet potato or a small salad with OIL & VINEGAR dressing ONLY, round that out with a cup of WATER.


*There’s something Paleo friendly at most dinner restaurants BUT fast food restaurants are really a BIG NO NO. Keep in mind those who dine out more may not see the results they want*



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