Low-Carb Paleo for Weight Loss: Food List

What To Eat & How to Get the Results You Want

(Paleo Food List)

Weight loss Secret: lean protein is the most effective way to reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism to help you burn stored fat permanently.

1. Clean out the Pantry

2. Go shopping

3. Cook!

4. Go for a walk

5. Sleep!

6. SupplementsTake a daily vitamin, vitamin D (as directed) and five Omega 3 Fish Oil pills 1200mg daily.

Keep a food diary


1. Clean out the Pantry

We do not have self-control. PLAN AHEAD! Don’t have tempting foods in the house. REMOVE the bread,rice, pasta, cookies, crackers, puddings, ice cream, waffles, juice, sodas, cereals, oatmeal, artificial sweeteners, yogurt, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, canned soups, apple sauce, noodles…all refined,packaged foods. Bag it all up, take it to a food bank or homeless shelter. No, the kids do NOT need crackers and Goldfish. They might actually be healthier if YOU are healthier!


2. Go shopping

90% of the food in your shopping cart should be raw, unprocessed, and not boxed or frozen. Veggies & Fruits can be purchased frozen or raw.

Now it’s time to fill your kitchen with food worth eating. Starting with meats, eat as much as you want for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Cook the meats simply without too much added fat – broiling, baking, roasting, sautéing or browning, then pouring off excess liquid fat, or stir frying over high heat with a little oil.

(No Deep Fat Frying)


Protein: Meat, Fish, Seafood, Eggs……..

If you are going to eat bacon, PLEASE look for labels that say: uncured, no antibiotics used, no preservatives, gluten & casein free, no nitrites and no nitrates added. This type of bacon is ONLY sold at Whole Foods.

 Pork (these are considered extra lean)

Bacon (Whole Foods sales Paleo style bacon)

Pork Tenderloin

Boneless loin roast

Boneless loin chops

 Boneless ham (extra lean)


Regular Beef & Grass fed Beef (the following are considered extra lean)

*if you’re a BIG beef eater, ONLY eat grass fed beef. Which can be purchased at Whole Foods

Grass fed ground beef (Whole Foods)

Any grass fed beef cuts (Whole Foods)

 Uncured Grass Fed Beef Hotdogs (Whole Foods)

Bacon (Whole Foods sales Paleo style bacon)


 95% lean ground beef (reg ground beef found at any store)

Eye of round roast or steak

Sirloin tip side steak

Top round roast and steak

Bottom round roast and steak

Top sirloin steak

Flank steak

Chuck steak

London broil

 London veal


LAMB (these are considered extra lean)

Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb Rib Chops

Lamb Shoulder

 Leg of Lamb


Fish & Seafood: (NO CATFISH)

 (Wild Caught)





red snapper

orange roughy













 You know…fishy type stuff!


Bird: White Meat

Chicken (Without Antibodies sold at Kroger)

Chicken Apple Sausage (Whole Foods)


Turkey Bacon Bacon (Whole Foods sales Paleo style bacon by Applegate)





 Other Meats:

Rabbit meat (any cut)

Goat meat (any cut)

Organs (liver, tongue, marrow & sweetbreads)

 Game meat



You want your veggies to be as fresh as you can get them & in season(from farmer to you). So I normally Shop with the season, which typically means purchase what is on sale. Mix up the colors. Farmers Markets and Easy Way are the best places to get your fruits and veggies but local grocery stores like Kroger will do.



Sweet Potato (eat in moderation because they bulk you up)


Mustard Greens

Beet Greens




Bell Peppers



Peppers (all kinds)

Brussels Sprouts













Squash (all kinds)


Swiss Chard





Green Onions

Turnip Greens

Kale Turnips





Fruits (should be eaten BEFORE 2pm or else it will be stored as fat)

Limit fruit to 1 serving per day if fat loss is your goal. A serving is not a whole cantaloupe. If you want to GAIN weight and not make progress, eat all the fruit you want, it’s your nickel, ride the ride as you like. FRUITS FOR WEIGHT LOSS:

 Berries (any type)









 DO NOT EAT Bananas, papayas, mangoes, dried fruit and any other fruit not listed above. If your favorite fruit is NOT on the list above, it’s because of its high glycemic index.  Those types of fruit WILL MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT PERIOD!


Healthy Fats…. PUSH OUT BODY FAT (the little secret to permanent fat loss)

for constipation prevention & t0 help you stay full  YOU MUST eat 1 serving of the following healthy fats per day,  4 tablespoons or less a day for weight loss.  For FAT loss limit nuts to 1-2 oz. per day.

 Tips on how to get your daily fat:

Olive oil (extra virgin): use to cook veggies and meats in, drizzle over salads instead of dressing or drink a serving by spoon.

Coconut oil: good to cook chicken & shrimp in,  use in sweet potato instead of the butter or take 1tsp with cinnamon, mix together add handful sunflower seeds and take by mouth.

Avocado (oil and whole): Fresh avocado taste great with anything meats and veggies. Eat 1/2 avocado as your serving or whip up some guacamole and eat with veggies and meat of your choice. I love it with carrots!

Kerrygold Butter (from grass fed cows sold at Whole Foods): Taste good with anything!

Macadamia (whole and oil) limit nuts to 1-2 oz. per day

Almonds & Walnuts: limit nuts to 1-2 oz. per day



                                                               Spices & Sauces

Marinara sauce


spices-curry powder



cilantro garam


chili powder

black pepper

lemon zest






Get at least 20 herbs and spices to keep your cooking lively. Stock up on espresso, herbal teas and water as these are your beverages of choice. However you are NOT allowed to use any dairy, sugar, honey, stevia or any other sweetener for beverages.


3. Cook! Get a skillet, Put some oil(fat) in the skillet & cook till done…….

(eat 3 to 4 meals a day, eat as often as you like)

 The majority of your meals look something like this:

• 4-8 oz of lean meat or eggs such as: chicken, lean beef, turkey, pork loin or seafood.

• Several servings of vegetables, either raw, steamed, or lightly cooked.

• Finally, add a serving of good fats to your meal such as: Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil or a handful of sunflower seeds


Key points:

• Protein every meal

• 3-4 meals per day

• Limit fruit to 1 serving if fat loss is a goal

• Limit nuts to 1-2 oz if fat loss is a goal

• Beverages are coffee, tea, mineral water. Unsweetened, this includes stevia.


4. Go for a Walk! (DO NOT Over do the Exercise)

Get outside and move. Gauge your fitness level and act accordingly. If you need help, find a trainer or coach.


 5. Sleep!   Not getting ENOUGH sleep will stall your weight loss…..

Get at least 8 hours of sleep in a completely DARK room!

Black out your room. No, REALLY black out your room. No LED lights from alarm clocks, fire alarms, TV’s etc. Do not watch TV or check email for at least 1 hour before bed. Go to bed early, get at least 8-9 hrs of sleep. You should wake up without an alarm, feeling refreshed.


 Questions? Confused?

 Feel free to post a question, someone else in the group may be experiencing the same problems as you. I encourage everyone to share tips, ideas, recipes or anything that helps you to stay motivated and organized/balanced to stay focused.


20 thoughts on “Low-Carb Paleo for Weight Loss: Food List

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  5. This type of eating plan sounds a bit like the one I followed years ago – the South Beach Diet. I lost 45 pounds and felt great but it was not sustainable. I missed bread, crackers, rice and forbidden foods in general and within 3 years I gained it all back. I hope this plan isn’t for the long term because for me, it wouldn’t work.
    I have been concentrating on healthy eating instead; watching portions and including exercise in my life. I’ve lost 25 pounds in 8 months – which doesn’t seem like a lot but I feel that I’ve been able to make permanent changes to my lifestyle doing it slowly and focusing on small changes. In the past, if I was denied that piece of cake or pizza or chips, I’d obsess on it and go overboard. Now however, healthy eating is my priority but if I want the damned cake I’m gonna have it!
    I enjoy it without guilt and get back on track. I have about 30 more pounds to lose but I’m happy that I’ve gotten this far. It doesn’t feel like a ‘diet’ and I’m not starving.

    • I agree Jen. This isn’t a reasonable eating plan. I would never be able to do this and stick with it. Like you I like my carbs and would binge because iI would be depriving myself.

  6. I have lots of people that find that Paleo is to strict to keep up. If that’s you and you gave Paleo a try then I’m sure you learned a lot through your journey. Only you will know if you need to be 100% Paleo foods 100% of the time. Most people that want to still indulge in typical foods usually eat Paleo 80% of the time and use Saturday & Sunday as cheat. I coach individuals in weight loss with any type of diet. The one thing that you must learn to achieve optimal health is balancing out your alkalinity foods with your acidic foods. When you master that, then it becomes hard for the body to hold onto fat and disease. Follow me on my weight loss coaching page to find out more or to get a free 1 on 1 consultation. https://www.facebook.com/flatbellywrap?ref=hl

    • The important thing to remember about weight loss is that your body does not recognize an apple from a milk shake. It only understands low sugar and high sugar. When we consistently eat different forms of low glycemic foods and high glycemic foods it still equals the same thing which is too much sugar to achieve weight loss or to sustain optimal health. Low carb meals eaten on a regular basis is best for weight loss. Since the body recognizes patterns, its best to develop a pattern of eating clean low carb meals at least Monday – Friday and allow yourself a cheat meal on Saturday and Sunday but go back to your clean eating pattern on Monday.

      Keep the pattern going and you will reach the goals you desire. Weight loss is really based on breaking patterns and understanding foods that you must tweak out that work against you.

  7. One more question- did not see anything about grains…should our body type avoid even healthy grains (brown rice, quinoa, oats, wheat, etc) all together?

  8. I love my grains. From rice to oatmeal and i love love LOVE potatoes in any form. I was naturally fit my whole life til first year of college. My weight has been up and down i was told i had a large frame. Here i am several years later and a mother of one and im an endomorph. Can i still eat my oats/grains in moderation and still lose weight?

    • Hi Amana! Grains and potatoes are high in carbs and can stall weight loss if eaten to much. This is what I do and teach others to do that actually works, you must creat new patterns of eating and keeping a Fat & Carb Blockers with you just in case you slip up and eat a cheat meal on the wrong day.

      How to break the pattern: Monday – Friday try to only eat the foods on the Low Carb Paleo list then Saturday and Sunday eat whatever you want (don’t even think about Paleo unless you have a gluten sensitivity)

      Then when Monday comes back around only eat the Lean out foods or Low Carb Paleo foods from the list and go on a carb fast until your next weekend cheat meals.

      Fat Fighters w/ carb inhibitors: I call this Food Protection and I keep them on hand at all times. There’s nothing like being on a healthy journey and some person comes into the office offering you doughnuts or pizza etc. If you are strong enough to walk away then do so however if the smell calls your name and you find yourself partaking in things you know you shouldn’t….. Well this is where a fat fighter comes in to rescue you.

      • Blocks some of the fat & carbs from meals
      • Helps balance blood glucose level and reduce cravings
      • Designed to be taken up to an hour after meals
      It’s all natural, gluten free and safe. I’ve had a lot of people that I coach to start taking these with their cheat meals or just carry them with them in case they over indulge and it has helped them to not gain weight and or assisted them in losing weight the natural way.

      Here’s some info on it https://workstation.myitworks.com/FileUploads/DocumentLibrary/Documents/gbl001productinformationfatfighterl.pdf

      You can click here to try a 30 day supply https://flatbellywrap.myitworks.com/Shop/Product/463

      I hope this was helpful. Take care and God bless.

  9. I am training for a half marathon. Is it ok to still do the Paleo Diet as I’m trying to lose fat as well? I understand the cutting out of starches and things of that nature, but I would like to know as someone who is training for a half marathon, is it still ok to let my body switch to getting energy mostly from fats as opposed to sugar?

  10. Although the Paleo diet is difficult it’s the best thing i have done. I find myself more educated when it comes to my food. Once you understand how certain foods affect your body, Paleo is not so hard to keep up with.

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