Short enough to commit to, long enough to see results.

Lets Get All the Excuses Out of The Way!

If it is important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse…

If you’ve just toyed around with a healthy lifestyle, you’ll never know what results you could have gotten. This is your opportunity to do it right, eat clean (paleo), and strict, for 12 weeks. See how much progress you can make in 90 days.

>>>If you want to skip this long article and JUMP right in running then click here for a complete list of Paleo Foods that you will need to eat for weight loss! Then join us over on our facebook page for support and fat loss tips.<<<<<<

But I have (Fill in the blank) event coming up, and I HAVE to (drink alcohol, eat crap, etc).

For many of us, we have not a physiological issue with cutting out crap food, but a psychological issue. We associate Holidays, Birthday Parties, Weddings, and ANY Celebration with eating unhealthy food, drinking alcohol, and telling jokes with our friends.

You have the opportunity to break that psychological barrier and realize that you can enjoy these events while eating in a way that supports a healthy, fit body and enables you to live a long, functional life.

Are you really worried that if you aren’t drinking, your friends won’t be any fun? If so,

how much do you really depend on alcohol for your social life? When does ‘I can’t enjoy myself without drinking alcohol’ morph into ‘Houston, we have a problem.”

It’s 12 weeks. There are always reasons why it’s a bad time to make a change, other things that would work better. But today is the only day you can start. It’s the only day you ever could.

I don’t want to join the challenge because I know I won’t stick with it.

If you’ve been the person who desperately, really, tries to stick to Paleo or any diet and have lost your will power in the face of adversity (or a bowl of nachos) in the past, than this is the reason to do the challenge!

The fact is that in the moment when you had to make a decision, your desire for bad food choices outweighed your desire to be leaner, perform better, and have the body you want. The food will taste great now, and your goal for a healthier body is so far down the road and couched in maybes.

Maybe if I eat clean/paleo I’ll get the body I want, but there’s no guarantee. And I KNOW this cheese dip is going to taste great!


So you have to have a reason beyond your desire to lose inches, to eat clean/paleo. Because it does involve making changes, and change is difficult.

Think about it. Would you eat chips and pizza if you know it would cost you $10,000? I wouldn’t. If you would, then your check needs to be >$10,000.

This is also the purpose for the group. We are all in this TOGETHER so everyone should be posting or calling or telling someone when you are facing temptation. (Accountability) Remember, you are COMPETING as a team!

I want each person to support each other and hold one another accountable.

But my (friends/spouse/coworkers) will think I’m a weirdo!

Again, no one thinks you are weird if you are eating pasta or junk food.

Coworker: “Hey, how come you aren’t drinking, eating the bread/pasta/dessert? Come on! Have some dessert! It’s delicious! What’s wrong you on a diet or something?”

Challenge Participant: Actually, I’m in this challenge that my friend, is running, where I am eating no sugar, alcohol, dairy, pasta, cereals, etc for 12 weeks, and I post my food journal every week which I get graded on, and if I win she will feature my weight-loss success story online. And I get bragging rights as the Power Challenger winner for paleo!”

Coworker: “…” “Wow, that is awesome! I wish I had something like that to help me with my goals.”

Challenge Participant: “Well, you can come check us out on facebook.”

Co-Worker: “No, that sounds too intense. Pass the bread.”

If you’ve ever had the desire to see what is possible with a healthy eating plan designed FOR YOU (Because I’ve seen what’s possible with others) this challenge is your opportunity.

COMMIT to the process, put in your work, and remember, the winner of the challenge will be determined by what they DO, not by what they GET. Outcomes are a natural result of good decisions and sticking with the plan.

I have seen so many great results when people clean up their nutrition, and commit to regular exercise at least 3 times a week.

This challenge is your opportunity to see what is really possible in your life.



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