Insider Tips for Fat Loss on Paleo

Ok here’s my personal insider tip & plan For myself in Round 2 this is also for those WARRIORS who are trying to kick butt in Round 2.
Eat 2-3 meals a day. Make the first meal the larger meal And the last meal small …
Cut the fruit way back to 1-2 days a week and eat mostly berries. If you don’t like berries stick with the Paleo weight loss fruits. *Keep in mind that ALL fruits are Paleo BUT certain ones are primarily for weight loss, while others are for those who want to gain/maintain weight.   I am cutting my fruits back to once a week if any at all. The less sugar you take in the more you can bust thru to your goal.

Eat fruit once a week or not at all if fat loss is your goal.

Eat a teaspoon of coconut oil a day. I put it in my sweet potato instead of butter but you can eat it straight off the spoon.  Coconut oil pushes fat out better than other oils.

Good fat pushes out body fat. Have a serving of fat daily.

Divide your body weight in half and drink that amount in ounces of water.  100lb woman should drink about 50oz water daily. I drink a ton of water daily.
Kick your exercise up to 30min cardio and 30min weight training. 3-4 days per week. Do NOT be afraid of using weights. I can Deadlift 210lbs and I don’t look like a dude in my clothes. So pick a weight or kettle bell that you can handle and incorporate it in your workout. If you are going to buy a kettle bell PLEASE go to a store where they sale an instructional video or kettle bell workout DVD to go with it. KB workout is an excellent way to get your cardio and resistance. It’s an all over body workout.
Or you can be creative with your hand weights. For ex. My friend Monique use to walk 3miles with a 10lb hand weight alternating it between each hand. Do what you have to do but use weights to PUSH yourself HARDER.
Take about (10) omega 3 fish oil pills per day. Divide them among your meals. I take the 1200mg fish oil pill with 360mg of omega-3. Purified pills. Omega 3 pushes inflammation/fluid & fat out. So very important to take them.
Take a vitamin D pill once a day
Take a regular daily multivitamin and a ZMA supplement right before bed. ZMA helps you to recover after a workout and helps you to sleep like a baby.
Get plenty of rest. I sleep in a pitch black room with no noise. If I’m having a stressful week I don’t workout much at all because I know my body won’t loose much weight under stress.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep in a completely DARK room!

I do not count calories at all and I DO NOT EAT ANY NUTS PERIOD. Nuts although allowed will bulk you up so I just stay away from them until a cheat day.
Write EVERY MORSAL down in your food journal. This will help you to really learn what works and what doesn’t.

You can lie to yourself and you can lie in your journal BUT the scale WILL NOT LIE. Be Honest When You Journal.

Here’s a few more FAT LOSS tip from Robb Wolf, author of “The Paleo Solution”According to Robb if fat loss is your primary concern:
Work out in the AM before breakfast
Make MOST of your meals protein (meat) veggies and fat (olive oil, coconut oil & avacado etc) *notice that he didn’t mention fruit, very important to limit or cut it out for a while*

He goes on to say that this approach will help you to lose fat and reverse inflammation remarkably quick!

Working out on an empty stomach also plays an important role in fat loss and longevity.

I actually know first hand that this works I’ve been doing it for almost a year now but just started cutting fruit out a couple of weeks ago.

Many of you can not do a AM work out the key here is to still fit a work out in your schedule and be consistent. Don’t stress over the small details of an AM or PM work out. Just do the best you can do.

Just wanted to give you something to ponder on as you contemplate wheather or not you should eat fruit daily or cut it out altogher for a while.

If you have any questions please ask.
Good Luck!
Tisha Lundy

Tisha Lundy 179lb weight loss success


Why Healthy Smoothies Aren’t Allowed on Paleo for Weight Loss

Crushed fruit or veggie smoothies, it has to be good for you right? Wrong! Well I learned the hard way that a “healthy” smoothie is loaded with SUGAR, and very often can have more sugar than a 12oz can of coke (39g/can). That number has the potential to go up as high as 95g of sugar depending on if you add any “boosts.”


Now, I’m not a registered dietician or nutritionist, but I’ve got a decent understanding of how the body works at this level, and I know a massive influx of sugar (regardless of its fructose or sucrose) into your body spikes your blood sugar in a manner that is nothing but bad news (IT’S IMMEDIATELY STORED AS FAT……)


So, you’re looking for a healthy snack, and in the process you have the potential to put well over two cans of Coke’s worth of sugar in your body. Sign me up! Do it often enough, and that amount of sugar will add weight on you like nobodies business and here’s why.

“The faster sugar enters the bloodstream, the less goes to muscle, and the more goes to FAT,” says Dr Wilson in his book What, When and Water: Nutrition for Weight Loss Wellness. “Eating rapidly digesting carbs will spike blood sugar and insulin levels resulting in a blood sugar crash with an increased hunger once the sugars are cleared into fat stores.”



Wilson also says when you replace a natural food with a processed food (juicing falls into this category) you “reduce the fiber and nutrient content significantly and make the resulting food one step closer to pure sugar.”



Microbiologist and NASM-CPT Lea Swenson agrees with Wilson.


“You get the most benefit by eating fruits and vegetables in their ‘RAW’ state. When you juice a fruit or a vegetable you remove all of its fiber and bulk (as well as increase oxidation, thereby destroying nutrients),” she said. “The bulk is there for satiety and keeps us from eating 7 apples at a time and the fiber acts as a ‘control valve’ for releasing glucose into our bloodstream.”


By ingesting foods in a juiced state, you violate the glycemic index in big way. Foods with protein and fat have a much lower GI rating than those with simple sugars. Swenson also said if you “flood the bloodstream with sugar, your pancreas floods your bloodstream with insulin in an attempt to deliver the glucose to your cells.” Do this enough, and you become “insulin resistant.” When this happens, your muscles will absorb fewer calories. The ones your body does absorb have a much higher likelihood of going straight to fat storage.



“Circulating glucose fuels our brain (continuously) and goes to short-term storage in the liver and muscles as glycogen, ” says Swenson. “Once these glycogen stores are full the excess goes to long-term storage as fat.” If you have a hard time losing weight when you’ve got carbohydrates in your diet, you are probably insulin resistant or your body may be addicted to sugar. There is a way around this.


Find out how with our P.P.C. 90 Plan for Weight Loss & Preventing/Reversing Health Conditions


The Truth Behind Why Doctors Push You to Eat Whole Grains

If whole grains are bad for you, why do doctors say they should be a part of your daily diet.

The truth behind why Doctors say that too much saturated fat and dietary cholesterol is bad and that you should eat whole grains instead…

You have to be aware that doctors receive very little training in nutrition and that whatever they learn is what regulating bodies agreed upon. The biggest one, the USDA, has a mission to promote commodity agriculture (grains and vegetable oils) as a means to make money overseas.

Also note that doctors are trained with a focus on treating and managing diseases instead of PREVENTING them in the first place. It’s just not what they do.

They get invited to big conventions organized by the pharmacology industry where they are well-treated, receive lots of perks and get to ear convincing speeches about drugs, when the science behind them is often really bogus. What doctors actually go on and read the studies and check the references? Not many of them.

Statins, a cholesterol lowering drug, is a good example. Statins are an absolute abomination and the medical establishment got the facts completely wrong about cholesterol and the heart disease correlation. Statins, however, are the number one selling drug for big pharma and they use all their power to promote statins as much as possible. They even wanted to put it in water supplies!

Also, I don’t know what’s happening with the medical profession today, but every doctor seem to be pressed to stop you from explaining your worries and to write down a prescription to treat only the surface problem while the real cause is often elsewhere. We’re really in a sad state of affair right now.

Also, most doctors won’t even ask about your diet, whatever the problem you describe, while we know very well that a state of health or disease starts with diet and lifestyle factors almost every time. This tells a lot about doctor’s incompetence regarding nutrition and health.

Those are all reasons why doctors telling you to cut saturated fats and to increase your consumption of carbs and whole grains are really ignorant about the effects of such recommendations on health.

With that being said, I want to apologize to all the good doctors out there who really care about the health of their patients and who use real science instead of dogma.

There is also more and more medical doctors getting behind concepts like the Paleo diet and trying to make a difference to save the world from the chronic misinformation.

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List of Paleo Friendly Memphis Restaurants &

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Logan’s Steak House

The Elegant Farmer  (262 South Highland St.

Stone Soup (Open for Breakfast & Lunch)

McEwen’s on Monroe

Restaurant Iris (2146 Monroe Avenue)

Au Fond Farmtable (938 South Cooper Street)

Sweet Grass (937 South Cooper Street)

South of Beale (361 South Main)

Three Angels Diner (2617 Broad Avenue)

Trolley Stop Market (704 Madison Avenue)

Las Tortugas (1215 South Germantown Rd.)

Cafe Eclectic (603 North McLean)

Tsunami (928 South Cooper Street)

Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen (712 West Brookhaven Circle)


For a complete listing of Farm to Table/ Paleo Friendly Restaurants’ please visit the following:

Project Green Fork

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Omega 3, Flaxseed, & Weight Loss

Do I Really Have to Take Fish Oil Pills?

Omega3 fish oil plays a vital role in our diet, not only for building the structure of nerves, supporting brain messengers and building the brain itself, but also for fat loss and muscle maintenance.

Omega3 fish oil consists of long-chain fatty acids EPA (Eicosapentanoic acid) and DHA (docosohexanoic acid).

I believe we should all be supplementing with Omega3’s, for one reason; it’s deficient in our foods. Back in the day, nearly every animal would feed on grass and plant based foods, keeping their Omega3’s nice and high. Now days though, the majority of animal products we purchase have been grain fed (cheaper for farmers) and this un-fortunately has a negative effect on the animals fatty acid profile, the Omega6 increases, and the Omega3’s decrease. So what once was a ratio of 2:1 – 3:1 Omega6 to Omega3, it is now a ratio of 20:1 – 30:1.

So if you are able to purchase grass fed beef, chicken (including eggs), lamb and fish, you’re onto a good thing, but keep in mind one more thing! Because if you place that meat on heat, most of the Omega3’s will die, so you’ll want to eat it raw to savour all those Omega3’s! Do we do that? No.. that’s why we ALL need to supplement.

Although there are thousands of articles, research papers and information out there about how good Omega3’s are, I still don’t believe enough people have decided to jump on the Omega3 supplementation bandwagon to dramatically start improving their health and body composition goals.

Let’s get straight to the point


  • enhances HEART HEALTH by maintaining elasticity of cardio tissue
  • HELPS the HEART BEAT in a STRONG and healthy way
  • ensures efficient HEART FUNCTION so that this key organ will last longer
  • increases lean body mass
  • INCREASES METABOLISH by up to 400Kcal/day
  • REDUCED INFLAMMATION within muscle and connective tissue
  • important for cell membrane structure and essential for proper brain function
  • IMPROVES INSULIN efficiency
  • increases brain health
  • improves nervous system function
  • contains antioxidants and there benefits
  • lowers blood pressure

    In addition, fish oil has been shown to help improve or prevent the following:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
  • Depression
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperactivity
  • ADHD
  • And more…

Remembering the structure of fish-oil I mentioned above, research has shown that EPA is a powerful anti-catabolic and therefore prevents excessive muscle protein breakdown. This is pretty impressive because EPA, so far, is the only nutrient that has shown in research to block the molecular pathway that results in excessive muscle breakdown, even when on a calorie restricted diet.

Ok, so now that you all want to start taking Omega3’s, just hold on for a moment longer before you go out and make a random purchase on a product which has Omega3’s in it.

Omega3 fish oil initially is what you should buy and consume. There are products out there which have Omega3, Omega6 and Omega9 combined, these products are pretty useless to the majority of people out there who eat a balanced diet and who will consume enough Omega6 and Omega9 fatty acids anyway.

Omega6 is a fatty acid your body cannot create, however is found in food sources often consumed such as; nuts, eggs, meat and dairy, and Omega9’s are high in foods such as; nuts, olive oil and meat. So the only fat you need in these certain products are Omega3’s, the rest you already have an abundance of and too much of any fat can be harmful to the body.

Moving onto Cod liver Oil (CLO), which contains EPA and DHA but in typically smaller amounts than that of pure fish oil, it also contains naturally-occurring vitamin A & D which is an added bonus and helpful to those who don’t see much sun, such as those of you who work in the office and don’t get outdoors much. So if you decide to take CLO, I would recommend including pure Omega3 fish oil to your diet as well, just because the Omega3 ratio in CLO is significantly lower to that of pure fish oil.

Flaxseeds… A lot of people will turn to flaxseeds/flaxseed oil to obtain their Omega3’s, although flaxseeds contain a fairly high amount of Omega3’s, you need to be aware that the Omega3’s found in flaxseeds, and the Omega3 found in fish oil are different (not bad, just different). For Omega3’s to be used efficiently in the body we need the fats EPA and DHA, flaxseeds don’t contain EPA and DHA but contain the fatty acid ALA which our bodies will attempt to convert to EPA and DHA. This is a very hard process and is usually very inefficient as well, therefore our bodies will only end up getting a small percentage of EPA and DHA from the original flaxseed oil, generally less than 3% EPA and/or 1.5% DHA, so in other words, to obtain the same amount of omega3’s in 1tbs of fish oil, you would need to consume so much flaxseed oil it would make you physically sick.

Is It Safe? Are There Any Side Effects?

Fish oil supplements are pretty much as safe as it gets.

Again, you have to realize that it’s just the oil that’s found in fish. It’s not some crazy fat burner/muscle builder type product or anything like that.

Yes, its benefits are impressive, but it’s almost more of a food than it is a supplement. I mean, do you ask what the side effects are before eating some salmon? I didn’t think so.

So, for the average healthy person, it’s virtually 100% safe as long as you’re not exceeding the optimal daily dosage (more on that in a minute).

Really, the only “side effects” I’ve ever heard of is a “fishy aftertaste” or “fishy burps.” But, as long as you are using a high quality brand (more on that later), you won’t ever have this problem.


When and How Should It Be Taken?

Fish oil supplements should always be taken with a meal, not on an empty stomach.

If you’re taking more than 1 capsule per day (which you would always be doing in order to reach the optimal fish oil intake), you should spread it out throughout the day.

You know, like one capsule in the morning, one in the afternoon, one at night or something like that.

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take Per Day? How Many Capsules?

Like I said, I personally take 5-10 capsules of Omega 3 Fish Oil pills as per suggested by my Paleo nutritionist. But when I was weighing over 250lbs he recommended that I take 12-15 capsules per day. I thought that was a crazy amount myself but I’ve learned through research and asking my doctor that amount was safe according to my body weight. So if you don’t feel comfortable taking more than what the bottle suggest then ask your doctor. Keep in mind everyone doesn’t share the same views and opinions of the actual amount that should be taken according to weight.