The Truth Behind Why Doctors Push You to Eat Whole Grains

If whole grains are bad for you, why do doctors say they should be a part of your daily diet.

The truth behind why Doctors say that too much saturated fat and dietary cholesterol is bad and that you should eat whole grains instead…

You have to be aware that doctors receive very little training in nutrition and that whatever they learn is what regulating bodies agreed upon. The biggest one, the USDA, has a mission to promote commodity agriculture (grains and vegetable oils) as a means to make money overseas.

Also note that doctors are trained with a focus on treating and managing diseases instead of PREVENTING them in the first place. It’s just not what they do.

They get invited to big conventions organized by the pharmacology industry where they are well-treated, receive lots of perks and get to ear convincing speeches about drugs, when the science behind them is often really bogus. What doctors actually go on and read the studies and check the references? Not many of them.

Statins, a cholesterol lowering drug, is a good example. Statins are an absolute abomination and the medical establishment got the facts completely wrong about cholesterol and the heart disease correlation. Statins, however, are the number one selling drug for big pharma and they use all their power to promote statins as much as possible. They even wanted to put it in water supplies!

Also, I don’t know what’s happening with the medical profession today, but every doctor seem to be pressed to stop you from explaining your worries and to write down a prescription to treat only the surface problem while the real cause is often elsewhere. We’re really in a sad state of affair right now.

Also, most doctors won’t even ask about your diet, whatever the problem you describe, while we know very well that a state of health or disease starts with diet and lifestyle factors almost every time. This tells a lot about doctor’s incompetence regarding nutrition and health.

Those are all reasons why doctors telling you to cut saturated fats and to increase your consumption of carbs and whole grains are really ignorant about the effects of such recommendations on health.

With that being said, I want to apologize to all the good doctors out there who really care about the health of their patients and who use real science instead of dogma.

There is also more and more medical doctors getting behind concepts like the Paleo diet and trying to make a difference to save the world from the chronic misinformation.


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