Insider Tips for Fat Loss on Paleo

Ok here’s my personal insider tip & plan For myself in Round 2 this is also for those WARRIORS who are trying to kick butt in Round 2.
Eat 2-3 meals a day. Make the first meal the larger meal And the last meal small …
Cut the fruit way back to 1-2 days a week and eat mostly berries. If you don’t like berries stick with the Paleo weight loss fruits. *Keep in mind that ALL fruits are Paleo BUT certain ones are primarily for weight loss, while others are for those who want to gain/maintain weight.   I am cutting my fruits back to once a week if any at all. The less sugar you take in the more you can bust thru to your goal.

Eat fruit once a week or not at all if fat loss is your goal.

Eat a teaspoon of coconut oil a day. I put it in my sweet potato instead of butter but you can eat it straight off the spoon.  Coconut oil pushes fat out better than other oils.

Good fat pushes out body fat. Have a serving of fat daily.

Divide your body weight in half and drink that amount in ounces of water.  100lb woman should drink about 50oz water daily. I drink a ton of water daily.
Kick your exercise up to 30min cardio and 30min weight training. 3-4 days per week. Do NOT be afraid of using weights. I can Deadlift 210lbs and I don’t look like a dude in my clothes. So pick a weight or kettle bell that you can handle and incorporate it in your workout. If you are going to buy a kettle bell PLEASE go to a store where they sale an instructional video or kettle bell workout DVD to go with it. KB workout is an excellent way to get your cardio and resistance. It’s an all over body workout.
Or you can be creative with your hand weights. For ex. My friend Monique use to walk 3miles with a 10lb hand weight alternating it between each hand. Do what you have to do but use weights to PUSH yourself HARDER.
Take about (10) omega 3 fish oil pills per day. Divide them among your meals. I take the 1200mg fish oil pill with 360mg of omega-3. Purified pills. Omega 3 pushes inflammation/fluid & fat out. So very important to take them.
Take a vitamin D pill once a day
Take a regular daily multivitamin and a ZMA supplement right before bed. ZMA helps you to recover after a workout and helps you to sleep like a baby.
Get plenty of rest. I sleep in a pitch black room with no noise. If I’m having a stressful week I don’t workout much at all because I know my body won’t loose much weight under stress.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep in a completely DARK room!

I do not count calories at all and I DO NOT EAT ANY NUTS PERIOD. Nuts although allowed will bulk you up so I just stay away from them until a cheat day.
Write EVERY MORSAL down in your food journal. This will help you to really learn what works and what doesn’t.

You can lie to yourself and you can lie in your journal BUT the scale WILL NOT LIE. Be Honest When You Journal.

Here’s a few more FAT LOSS tip from Robb Wolf, author of “The Paleo Solution”According to Robb if fat loss is your primary concern:
Work out in the AM before breakfast
Make MOST of your meals protein (meat) veggies and fat (olive oil, coconut oil & avacado etc) *notice that he didn’t mention fruit, very important to limit or cut it out for a while*

He goes on to say that this approach will help you to lose fat and reverse inflammation remarkably quick!

Working out on an empty stomach also plays an important role in fat loss and longevity.

I actually know first hand that this works I’ve been doing it for almost a year now but just started cutting fruit out a couple of weeks ago.

Many of you can not do a AM work out the key here is to still fit a work out in your schedule and be consistent. Don’t stress over the small details of an AM or PM work out. Just do the best you can do.

Just wanted to give you something to ponder on as you contemplate wheather or not you should eat fruit daily or cut it out altogher for a while.

If you have any questions please ask.
Good Luck!
Tisha Lundy

Tisha Lundy 179lb weight loss success


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