From size 5x to size 10…..How I Did It!

This article may bless you. I’m going to tell you exactly how I lost 188lbs and went from HAVING high blood pressure to normal blood pressure……

First Name: Tisha
Age: 40
Family Status: Single
Occupation: Massage Therapist, Manicurist & Life Coach
Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri
Pounds or Inches Lost: I lost 188 pounds! I was a size 5x I am now a size 10!
Height: 5’6″
Starting Weight: 385 pounds
Current Weight: 197 pounds

Tisha’s Weight Loss Story!

When did you become unhappy with your weight?

I had always been chubby as a child, wore a size 20 in high school but it was not until I gained 95lbs during my pregnancy that I decided that enough was enough. 

What made you decide to lose weight?

I wanted to see if I could beat the odds of loosing weight, getting past my old high school size and keep it off for good. Along with coming off my high blood pressure meds, I knew this would be a major challenge for me but I knew I had nothing to loose. 

What were the most important changes you made to lose weight?

In the beginning at 385lbs I worked out 3x a week for 15 min on a stationary bike and I absolutely hated counting calories so I made a deal with myself to eat healthy Monday – Friday (no sweets, chips, soda & fast food) and allow myself a cheat meal on Saturday & Sunday. I lost 117lbs in 13months but gained 20lbs back and got stuck on my weight loss journey at 288lbs for years of yo-yoing.

Through out my 11 year journey I never gave up and tried every weight loss diet (cabbage soup diet, Grapefruit diet, South Beach, Apple Cider Vinegar Diet, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers….) & exercise fad known to man but I kept yo-yoing in my weight

 Since I didn’t believe in pills or weight loss surgery I decided to hire some of the best personal trainers Memphis had to offer and had gym memberships everywhere. As much as I loved exercising I figured I wasn’t exercising enough LOL! 

It wasn’t until I had 3 trainers (Ezell Luke Ownes @ 24hr fitness, Charles White @ Find Your Waistline & Willie Leonard @ Hope and Healing) to tell me “You don’t have a problem with exercising, you need to focus on your diet more” I took what they said to heart but wasn’t sure what else to do because I felt like I had tried every diet in the world……

So how did you get unstuck and get down to a size 10?

A complete stranger struck up an interesting conversation with me about Crossfit Memphis and said “crossfit is this crazy, HARD inhuman workout place that teaches you how to eat (Paleo) so that your body has no choice but to lean out (Permanent Fat Loss) and your team cheers you on even if you cant do the workouts” 

Normally those words would have scared the average person BUT being that I loved to exercise and was doing kickboxing & training for a 5k at the time,  I figured this might be the key to what was missing And to be honest it was scary and  HARD at first BUT it was the best decision I had ever made in my life. 

The workouts where intense and eating paleo was more than a notion but I decided to see what would happen if used my old technique of eating 100% strict (this time Paleo foods) Monday – Friday and allow myself a splurge meal on Saturday & Sunday while Crossfit training 4-5 times per week. 

Far left 1st day of crossfit/paleo & far right 1yr of crossfit/paleo

Well not only did it work, it taught me a lot about myself, about food that I had no idea was slowing down my fat loss success like wheat/gluten, sugar, soy, dairy & nuts and about how I needed something like Crossfit & Paleo to challenge me. Old me vs new me was my daily motivation/competition. 

1 Year Transformation with Crossfit & Paleo

 “What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you”

1 Year transformation Crossfit & Paleo

How long did it take you to start to see results with Paleo & Crossfit. 

About 4-6 weeks but my biggest transformation took a year. 

How long did it take for you to reach your current weight?

10 years of start, success, stop, fail, repeat….. and 1 year of clean straight success following Paleo & Crossfit = 11  year journey. 

 11 years is a long time, what kept you going?

I’ve always wanted to do something about my weight. Despite the fact that most people told me “you’ve been over weight all your life that means you are suppose to be a big person.” Every time I heard that I would say  “THE DEVIL IS A LIE!”

I stopped believing myths and lies and started treating my obesity like a TEMPORARY assignment. God will give you an assignment and if you are OBEDIENT and COMPLIANT he will release you from the weight & pain of the assignment. I REFUSED to carry my obesity weight/assignment around for the rest of my life. FAITH UNTIL DEATH……

 How has your life changed now that you’ve lost weight?

Yes, it has really changed. I’ve gone from shopping in super plus size women’s stores and not having a big wardrobe selection to being able to shop in the regular LADIES dpt..

I remember one day shopping at Macy’s in the plus size dpt trying on dozens of outfits and none of them fit even the 0x was to big. Thinking something must be wrong, had they started making the clothes bigger. It took my sister and the sales lady to convince me that I didn’t need to shop in the basement anymore, and to go upstairs and find something in the LADIES dpt. 

I think I cried like a baby and screamed to the tip top of my lunges “I don’t wear plus size anymore, I can shop upstairs!” People thought I was CRAZY LOL but it’s funny how the brain doesn’t catch up to what the body is doing when it comes to weight loss.  I see the old me in my head but when I walk past a mirror I stop and say “WOW IS ThAT ME?” But I’m getting over a lot of that now.

How did The 90 Day Paleo Challenge start?

I had about 90 days left of my 1 year contract at Faction Strength & Conditioning Crossfit gym remaining and I had placed some big goals on my vision board that I hadn’t accomplished yet, like: loose 45 lbs by end of 1yr of Paleo/Crossfit or get down to a size 10. Along with a few Crossfit exercises I wanted to master. 

I was very determined to at least complete my weight loss goals but I had friends that kept asking me to help them begin their weight loss journey all at the same time. So I decided to connect us all together on facebook through a private page and formed a challenge.

 All I required them to do was follow my lead and be compliant. I taught them everything I had learned throughout my journey and everything I knew about Paleo for weight loss. 

Actually me forming the group blessed me to finish my last goal of getting to a size 10. I was the leader of the group so I had to lead by example. I couldn’t just tell you to do something like “no fruit for 30 days” if I wasn’t going to do it myself.

Tisha’s Weight Loss Tips!

Weight loss tip #1:

Drink water water water…. I actually drink 100oz water a day and no other beverage because I workout and sweat. If you don’t exercise then drink at least the recommend 8 glasses of water per day. If you drink water + other beverages make sure to drink an additional glass of water for every non water beverage you drank. 

Weight loss tip #2:

Clean out your pantry. No processed, packaged or boxed foods PERIOD. Save them for a splurge/cheat day and increase your lean protein, veggies and healthy fat intake (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil…)

Weight loss tip #3:

Keeping a food journal. This helps you to pay attention to what you ate and where you may have gone wrong/right. 

Weight loss tip #4:

Weigh yourself weekly or monthly.  Although the scale doesn’t show a clear picture of weight/fat loss it will keep you focused and aware. 

 Weight loss tip #5:

Form your own challenge or support group among like minded friends and family. And have the group focus on 90% eating healthy (paleo style and if thats to hard try going gluten free and cut back on sugars) and 10% exercise. I am not a personal trainer so therefore I encouraged my team to workout by walking, line dancing, zumba, Crossfit etc at least 3x week and referred some to gyms and or trainers.

This will actually keep you more focused than just starting a diet solo. 

Tisha’s Weight Loss Eating Plan!

“Eat your meat & veggies like a BIG man. And eat your fruit, nuts & seeds like a SKINNY woman” increasing your protein, veggies and healthy fat (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil…) pushes out unwanted body fat. 

A typical day for me would look like this:

Breakfast (I don’t eat typical breakfast food, but eggs & bacon are ok) 

3oz chicken breast 85g

1 cup spinach (2 servings)

1/2 sweet potato (1 serving)

1/2 avocado (fat)

32oz water


2.5oz grassfed hamburger no bun 70g

1 1/2 cup roasted veggies (3 servings)

32oz water


1.75oz chicken breast

1 1/2 cup salad

Oil and vinegar 

32oz water

I Cook 99.9% Of My Meals & I Brown Bag My Lunch

Tisha’s Weight Loss Workouts!

Crossfit training 4x per week which is basically a combination of weight lifting, sprinting, and gymnastics along with other functional movements.

Since you’ve reached your goal size, are you finished?

NO! I still have toning and a little more fat to loose in my arms, abs and back. I have an ultimate goal to master a muscle up, rope climb, handstand push ups and being able to clean jerk over 100lbs. So gaining upper body strength will be my focus moving forward. Not sure what size I will be once I’m done, but I’m loving everything about this new size 10!

Big THANKS to all the coaches that helped me during my 1 year of crossfit & Paleo transformation (Mike, Doug, Ashley & Staff   along with Craig & Justin)!  CROSSFIT & PALEO ROCKS!


2 thoughts on “From size 5x to size 10…..How I Did It!

  1. Thank you Wayne! Actually if you eat pretty much the same foods daily you don’t have to keep a journal but most people who tend to eat a wide variety of meals (paleo & non paleo) daily/weekly have a tendency to loose track of what they ate, so the food journal is a great option for them.

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