Change Within Weeks, Transformation In 90 Days…….Jasmine’s Weight Loss Story!

First Name: Jasmine
Age: 22
Family Status: Single
Occupation: Pharmacy Tech
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Pounds or Inches Lost: I Lost 20 pounds and 3 dress sizes in 90 Days!
Height: 5’9″

Jasmine’s Paleo Weight Loss Success Story!

Paleo Challenge Warrior Lost 20 lbs and 3 Dress Sizes in 90 Days!

Have you always had a problem with being over weight?

I have always been a little heavy but earlier this year I started gaining weight, and my usual size 14 had slowly crept up to a size 20.

What made you decide to join the 90 Day Paleo Challenge?

I had already been struggling with trying to loose weight but after watching my aunt loose weight by cleaning up her diet eating Paleo foods, I wanted to see for myself if Paleo would work for me.

90 Day Transformation

What did you struggle with the most during the challenge?

Well since Paleo is based on you eating lean meats, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and fats, I couldn’t eat my FAVORITE chips, sweets & sweet tea as often as I liked. Those were actually my “go to” foods before the challenge. To be completely honest I actually had a few crash & burn moments where I caved in and had my favorite junk foods, BUT I got right back on track and NEVER gave up!
During the 90 Day Challenge how long did it take you to start seeing results?

I actually noticed a big improvement in my skin complexion in the first 3 weeks (I wasn’t expecting that to happen). I went from constantly having acne breakouts to NO breakouts! And although the numbers on the scale were decreasing weekly I didn’t feel any of the weight loss results until the last week of the challenge.

90 Day Transformation

Most people would’ve run away from a 90 day challenge, what kept you going?

After joining the challenge our group leader, Tisha discussed the importance of setting personal monthly goals to keep us focused. Every 30 days I would set a new short term goal but my overall goal was to loose 20lbs by the end of the challenge, and I was determined to FIGHT until I reached it.

 What type of exercise did you do during the challenge?

The first 30 days I walked 2x per week for 30 min. but I didn’t do any exercise at all during the last 60 days.  We were told that you could loose weight by cleaning up your diet alone and that exercise was just the icing on top of the cake, so I wanted to test that out.

90 Day Transformation

  Do you think you will continue to eat Paleo after the challenge?

Yes! Tisha introduced Paleo to us by teaching us the correct way to eat certain foods from the Paleo list to achieve weight loss. During the first 30 day round we ate strict Paleo foods Mon – Fri and were allowed a cheat meal on Sat & Sunday which was VERY EASY. But each 30 day round got harder and harder because she challenged us to slowly eliminate our cheat days so that we could see the health/weight loss benefits of being strict with eating Paleo foods 100% of the time.

Her system actually gave me a opportunity to see how strict I wanted to be after the challenge or if I wanted to continue eating Paleo. So yes I will continue to eat Paleo but I will go back to eating it Mon – Fri with my cheats on the weekend.


Do you have any weight loss tips that helped you?

Weight loss tip: Exercise Alone WON’T Get You To Your Goal!

I use to think that all I needed to do was exercise and that would get the weight off, but I learned that CONSISTENTLY eating the right foods will actually help you loose fat & weight almost effortlessly. Now combine eating Paleo with a little exercise and BOOM, you’ll be a Cover Girl in no time LOL!


Overall how do you feel about the challenge?

I’m glad I decided to join and I would tell anyone if you really want to loose weight effortlessly, then give the 90 Day Paleo Challenge a try.  I did and it worked!

Additional comments….

I would like to thank Ms. Anice for her daily encouraging Facebook post in the Paleo group page, Mrs. Sarah for challenging me to REACH my challenge goals and a big THANKS to my aunt Tish for forming the 90 Day Paleo Challenge and teaching me how to eat Paleo for weight loss. Love Ya!

Don’t think about it……….DO IT!


4 thoughts on “Change Within Weeks, Transformation In 90 Days…….Jasmine’s Weight Loss Story!

  1. You look beautiful! I’m very much into eating paleo for weightloss and struggle with eating healthy . I’m excited to be able to follow this plan simply because it makes sense

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