Child’s 2 Year Battle of Unexplained Pain & Weight Gain Now GONE….Kayla’s Success Story

First Name: Kayla
Age: 16
Pounds or Inches Lost: 10lbs lost and I’m No Longer in Pain!
Height: 4’10”

Kayla’s Success Story

Kayla never had an issue with obesity, she was pretty much your average child eating a normal basic diet and she had a love for Italian food. Actually for years Kayla was always under weight according to her pediatrician. About 2 years ago I noticed that her belly was rapidly getting larger and she was constantly experiencing fatigue, digestive problems, joint pain, moodiness and skin rashes. We spent numerous visits at the doctors office and emergency rooms about unexplained pain and they could never figure out what was wrong.


It wasn’t until I started paying close attention to her diet and how certain foods she ate would trigger her symptoms. Being that she is a teenager it was hard to watch every morsel she put in her mouth and I didn’t expect her to keep up a food journal. So I told her to let me know every time she would feel a pain and to tell me what she just ate. After a few weeks we noticed that she would experience symptoms after she ate pasta, bread, chips & pizza all of which were her favorite foods.

At the time I didn’t know what gluten was and because her doctor at that time couldn’t find anything seriously wrong with Kayla, she lived off of Beeno and Aleve to help with the some of the symptoms. Later I learned about the Paleo Diet and Wheat Belly both of which helped me to understand what gluten was and how it affects different people. I took both of those concepts and started working on a strategy for her. It took a few weeks of her getting adjusted to eating a different way, I think for a minute she actually went on a hunger strike refusing to eat the new way but she quickly gave that up when she realized hunger sucks LOL! And we got really aggressive with tweaking her foods in the 90 Day Challenge, she is finally symptom free…..


Kayla’s Paleo & Gluten Free Meals

Turkey, Fish, Chicken, Grassfed Beef, Eggs, & Bacon (no restrictions)

Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds (no restrictions)

*White Potatoes (yes, potatoes)

White potatoes aren’t Paleo but kids need a good amount of healthy carbs.

Olive Oil & Coconut Oil (kids need healthy fats for energy)

Almond milk

*Gluten Free Treats: bread, pizza, pasta, cookies, muffins, chips, and ice cream

Click here: How to Know if Your Child Is Allergic to Gluten

If Aunt Martha always kept a bottle of antacids next to her plate at dinner or immediately dashed for the bathroom after eating her meal, it is possible that a gluten sensitivity may have been the culprit. Know your family history of health conditions…….



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