The Weight Seemed to Just Fall Off………Mary’s Paleo Transformtion

First Name: Mary
Family Status: Single
Occupation: Educator
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Pounds or Inches Lost:15 Pounds in 2 ½ WEEKS & 2 Dress sizes!       Height: 5’6″

                15lbs lost in 2 1/2 weeks                                            Down by 2 dress sizes in 90 Days!

Mary’s Weight Loss Story!

Have you always been over weight?

I was not a heavy child or teen and have never been a couch potato. In fact I’ve been using dance as my form of exercise all of my life. I was a majorette in high school and throughout most of my adult life I’ve done African dance for several organizations, but somewhere along the way I started to pack on the pounds.

What made you decide to join the 90 Day Paleo Challenge?

After leaving a doctors appointment one day, I had an awakening. I had already tried several attempts at loosing weight but this time I asked a friend to help me restart my journey. I guess you can say I was sick and tired of being overweight.

From High School Majorette to African Dance      Music Moves Me

15lbs in 2 WEEKS! Did you expect it to come off that fast?

I tried eating Paleo once before without using the  strategy in the 90 Day Challenge and I lost about 4lbs. I basically just wanted to try it out with no assistance that first time, but after I joined the 90 Day Challenge and applied Tisha’s weight loss techniques I had no idea that I would loose it so quickly.

What type of exercise did you do during the challenge?

As much as I would have loved to get in some of my favorite workouts, time didn’t permit me to exercise as much as I wanted to.

90 Day Transformation

Did you notice any other improvements in your health?

Eating Paleo helped me to learn what foods I was sensitive to and what was contributing to my inflammation/fluid issues. By eliminating processed foods through the week and reintroducing them again as small cheat meals on the weekend, I learned that pasta (wheat/gluten) makes me retain TON of water weight. My sinus/allergies no longer bothered me and I had way more energy than usual.

Would you consider eating Paleo as a lifestyle?

The challenge was HARD for me, I missed eating beans and oatmeal. I had several days where I would flip/flop then get a motivating peep talk from Tisha. I can honestly say I experienced more positive results than negative eating Paleo to give up now.  With 15Lbs GONE in 2 ½ WEEKS, down by 2 dress sizes in 90 Days, PLUS sinus/allergies cleared up and energy increased……….Yes I’LL TAKE IT!


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