Mother Daughter Team Up to Fight Obesity……..Kim’s Weight Loss Story

First Name: Kim
Age: 40
Family Status: Single
Occupation: Medical Coder
Hometown: Memphis, TN (Currently Dallas, TX)
Pounds or Inches Lost: I lost 16 pounds, 12 inches & 1 Dress size!
Height: 5’8″ and Solid as a Rock

90 Day Transformation

Kim’s Weight Loss Story!

 I enjoyed Paleo but I must say I wasn’t able to eat a lot of things that I was instructed to do due to my circumstances.  I ate what I could and wished I could have eaten like a big hungry man! Lol… Not only did I utilize Paleo but my daughter did as well! We will continue to implement Paleo to help one another to accomplish our goals!

I became unhappy with my weight when I started experiencing a pain in my left leg and I said to myself… “I’m to darn pretty to be dragging my leg around”… That wasn’t going to be a good look for me… I’m a DIVA!

When I started Paleo I noticed a change in a week… I walked and climbed steps… but I had to take it light on my knee. This was a trial for me and I will continue this journey! As far as my eating I’m not a big eater… I don’t eat a lot of meat. I will however focus on eating breakfast more often because I tend to be an under eater. Hopefully I’ll get better and focus on eating more to feed my body. During this challenge I’ve back slide from time to time but I would start over again! I just keep thinking its not to late the race is not over!  I’ve  told many people about Paleo… It was like spreading the gospel!!


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