Paleo Meatballs over Marinara

Paleo Meatballs over Marinara Sauce

Using your hands, mix together in a large bowl
2 lbs. Gound Beef
1 lb. Pork Paleo Ground Sausage (only sold at Wholefoods)
3 Eggs
1/2 Cup Almond Flour Meal (I usually omit it)
Liberal Amounts of Oregano, Garlic Powder, and Crushed Thyme
Small Amount of Cayenne Pepper or Crushed Red Pepper and small amount of Tony’s Creole Seasoning
Form mixture into large meatballs and cover the bottom of your crock pot/baking dish. (Two layers might be needed depending on the size of your pan.)

Marinara Sauce
2 (24oz) jars of all natural no perservatives marinara sauce of your choice. pour it over the meatballs.
Cook on low all day in your crock pot, or for a couple of hours on low heat in the oven.
We usually eat this with spinach or a salad. Would also taste great with spaghetti squash.

This is fun and tasty plus my finicky child loves it!


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