Tisha’s Spinach Frittata

Tisha’s Spinach Frittata

This Paleo breakfast recipe is quick and easy. You just get a Bunch of vegetables, meat and seasonings. It can be baked in cast-iron skillet or in a large baking pan.


– 2 tablespoons olive oil

– 8 medium eggs or 2 boxes of egg beaters

– 1lb of ground Paleo sausage (from whole foods) or use crumbled bacon or cubed ham or any kind of meat you like.

– 1 tsp roasted garlic seasoning

– 1 10oz bag of frozen spinach

– 1 onion chopped

– 1 sliced red bell pepper

– 1 sliced green bell pepper

– 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms fresh

– 2 tablespoons spike seasoning or some type of 21 herbs & seasoning blend or veggies seasoning

– Sea salt to taste

– Black pepper to taste


– In separate bowl whisk eggs and seasoning. Mix well and set aside.

– brown the sausage drain and set aside

– Pour oil in another skillet bring to medium heat

– Add spinach, onion, mushrooms and bell pepper to the skillet. Sautée until tender.

– Cook for 3-4 minutes until vegetables tender.

– in a large greased baking pan Add in vegetables Spread out. Then pour eggs on top.

– Cook approximately 15 – 20 minutes at 350 degrees until eggs rise up and no longer look runny.

– Finished frittata cut in wedges and eat with salsa or guacamole. Can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or snack


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