Are Your Kids Eating You Out of House and Home?

Are you a fat burner or a sugar burner? Does your child frequently complain of being hungry right after a meal?

When you feed yourself a constant dose of sugar (also called glucose or carbohydrate), you burn sugar.  When you cut off the sugar, you burn fat. It’s not difficult to determine whether your metabolism is running on sugar or fat.

What happens when a sugar-burner goes two, three, four hours without food, or – dare I say it – skips a meal? They get ravenously hungry, crave carbohydrates, need to eat something every 2-3 hours, and the hand reaches for yet another bag of chips or some type of carb.

I’ve seen a lot of parents make this mistake with their kids. You may have just fed them a chicken nuggets with fries along with a drink and less than an hour or two latter little Eli is hungry again.

You may even fuss at the child and say “you just ate, you shouldn’t be hungry”. Well if you only fed him/her a plate full of carbs with very little protein then YES they may “eat you out of house and home” because they just ate a bunch of foods that converted into sugar.

This scenario goes for adults too, ever wonder why you can eat several helpings of Italian or Japanese foods etc and shortly after want more or crave ice cream or some other type of carb…..If so you are a sugar burner

A sugar-burner can’t even effectively access dietary fat for energy. As a result, more dietary fat is stored than burned. Unfortunately for them, they’re likely to end up gaining lots of body fat. As we know, if you’re not eating enough fat but you’re eating a high carb diet then that’s a strong predictor of future weight gain.

FAT BURNERS experience something entirely different…….

They generally have LESS appetite, MORE energy and BETTER focus. Fat burners can go several hours without eating and not panic.
How do you & the kids make the switch?………………

You can make the switch to fat burner by following a Paleo/Primal diet, which will naturally lower your sugar consumption.

Instead of getting an onslaught of carbs from muffins, cereal, toast, pasta, rice, beans, chips, soda, energy drinks, etc., you will get your carbs from vegetables and some fruits and nuts.

Sometimes the transition can be a little rocky, depending on how much sugar you’re used to consuming. Take it slow.

Start by cutting out the junk and sugary drinks. Then cut out the grains and legumes. Finally, reduce or eliminate dairy.

A small amount of dairy is okay for most people, so experiment with this. If you’re intent on being 100% hardcore Paleo skip the dairy.

If you’re like most people who follow the 80/20 rule (80% Paleo & 20% Non Paleo) then some raw, full-fat dairy makes this easier (I use grass-fed butter for cooking, and occasionally eat full-fat Greek yogurt).

Root vegetables, which have more starch, can be really helpful during the transition but over consumption will slow weight loss.


As for kids going Paleo can be even tougher especially for teens. Here’s my take on this, if its not in the house they can’t eat it. And yes they may go on hunger strike but will eventually realize that hunger hurts.

If you are eating Paleo 80% of the time then why shouldn’t you get the whole entire household to follow suit. It’s not a diet and they will adapt.

And if you are living for your weekend cheat meals so will your kids. Constantly giving in to their desires for junk food is also setting them up for possible health conditions down the road. Their lifelong behavioral patterns starts with YOU so set the tone……

There’s no test to take to see if you are a fat burner. The most effective way is to ask yourself a few basic questions:

1) Can you go three hours without eating? Is skipping a meal an exercise in futility and misery?

2) Do you enjoy steady, even energy throughout the day?

3) Are midday naps pleasurable indulgences, rather than necessary staples?

4) Can you exercise without carb-loading?

5) Have the headaches and brain fuzziness passed?

If Yes? Then you’re probably a FAT BURNER! Welcome to normal human metabolism!


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