Heart Problems and Obesity Paleo Challenge Participant Finds Balance…….Sandra’s Success Story

90 Day Transformation

Sandra Taliaferro’s  Success Story

I lost inches in my chest, waist and back. My skin complexion improved significantly, I went from having Hyper-pigmentation on my face and now that is clearing up! Loosing weight is my goal but finding balance and getting my health in top condition is my ULTIMATE goal. I suffer with heart problems and I am an extreme under eater so going primal was tough for me. My diet USE to consist of 1 meal per day of: smoke sausage, potato chips and a coke zero BUT now I eat real food: lean meats, fruit and veggies. This has not been easy and I still have a long way to go. I Will continue to work on eating more quality foods and take one step at a time – one day at a time. Pray for me and thanks Tisha for introducing me to Paleo this just might save my life!



Vegetarian Finds Success with Paleo Diet……….Tammy’s Success Story!

Tammy’s Weight Loss Success Story

I lost 13lbs in 5 weeks! I am a vegetarian and have always had a hard time getting in enough protein BUT Paleo for Vegans/Vegetarians helped me to get my protein intake on point. I also noticed that my stomach irregularities cleared up, my skin looks better, my hair is growing and I have a lot of energy. Vegan/Vegetarian Paleo Works For Me!

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On My Way To a Healthier New Me……….Pam’s Weight Loss Story!

Pamela’s Success Story

I lost 13lbs and 1 dress size and pants size in less than 90 days! I am much more conscious of what foods I need to eat and those I should avoid. I will continue to eat at least 75-80% Paleo. I am learning to share what I have learned with others. My transformation appears to be noticeable because friends have asked what I’ve been doing and I gladly share the wisdom that Tisha shared with me!! Thanks Tisha for sharing your journey with us and helping each of us start our own!! You have truly been a blessing to me! Your sweet spirit was felt in each word you shared when I joined the challenge. I can’t wait to reach my goal. I have made a commitment to change for life for myself and take better care of me.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words……RL’s Paleo Transformation

The weight fell off in less than 45 days!

RL’s Weight Loss Success

I jumped right in mid stream of the challenge, DID NOT EXERCISE at all and experienced a significant improvement in my health/weight overall in less than 90 days. My picture speaks for itself……..Paleo Works!


Small Changes Lead to Big Success……Anita’s Weight Loss Story

Anita Head

I’ve been doing this since Aug 13. Not totally Paleo like my my pal Anice BUT I’m down 20lbs so far! I want to be down 15 more by December 13. Going to see The Dallas Cowboys play that weekend and I want to be a lighter fan than I was the last time I went to the sanctuary (Cowboys Stadium). I’m taking small steps into Paleo and getting GREAT results!

Mother Daughter Team Up to Fight Obesity……..Kim’s Weight Loss Story

First Name: Kim
Age: 40
Family Status: Single
Occupation: Medical Coder
Hometown: Memphis, TN (Currently Dallas, TX)
Pounds or Inches Lost: I lost 16 pounds, 12 inches & 1 Dress size!
Height: 5’8″ and Solid as a Rock

90 Day Transformation

Kim’s Weight Loss Story!

 I enjoyed Paleo but I must say I wasn’t able to eat a lot of things that I was instructed to do due to my circumstances.  I ate what I could and wished I could have eaten like a big hungry man! Lol… Not only did I utilize Paleo but my daughter did as well! We will continue to implement Paleo to help one another to accomplish our goals!

I became unhappy with my weight when I started experiencing a pain in my left leg and I said to myself… “I’m to darn pretty to be dragging my leg around”… That wasn’t going to be a good look for me… I’m a DIVA!

When I started Paleo I noticed a change in a week… I walked and climbed steps… but I had to take it light on my knee. This was a trial for me and I will continue this journey! As far as my eating I’m not a big eater… I don’t eat a lot of meat. I will however focus on eating breakfast more often because I tend to be an under eater. Hopefully I’ll get better and focus on eating more to feed my body. During this challenge I’ve back slide from time to time but I would start over again! I just keep thinking its not to late the race is not over!  I’ve  told many people about Paleo… It was like spreading the gospel!!

26 Year Battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Obesity…Paleo Has Changed My Life Forever!

First Name: Anice
Age: 56
Family Status: Single
Occupation: Travel Agent
Hometown: Memphis
Pounds Lost: 37 Pounds and counting!
Height: 5’6”

Anice’s 6 Month Paleo Weight Loss Story!

You see I started my Paleo Challenge In April of this year,  but before I go to the story, I need to share my history about our fearless leader Tisha.  I met this young lady shortly after I retired. At this time she was on her journey but was not Paleo.  Because of her I tried Bikram Yoga & even went to a kickboxing class. Both of these attempts were futile, why you may ask, well I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was in my early 30s. If you are not familiar with RA, to simplify it is an immune deficiency disease where my body attacks my joints. Well every time I went in for any spa procedure Tisha and I would discuss exercise & food options.

In October as I prepared to go on a trip – Tisha told me about cross fit & Paleo. Well I had heard a little about Paleo, but I had also listened to the critics who said if you had to eliminate a certain food group you were not eating properly (propaganda I know now). Well I didn’t start then, constantly hurting and bitter about being a RA patient……

How did you gain weight?

I have been unhappy for 10 years about my condition and after being diagnosed with R.A. I had to take steroids – which contributed to my weight gain. Noticed I said contributed. Depression from the RA added the other pounds. I tried to eat the diagnosis away. The sad thing about that was it took me that long to realize I was depressed.

What was your breaking point?

I came back from a business trip where we were given more down time than expected. However because of my weight & illness I was unable to enjoy the trip. Came home saw my rheumatologist, discussed the flare up and he told me that as long as the extra weight is there you will have major flare ups.

Disgusted and depressed I left his office I had a pedicure scheduled. I walked into the spa and almost walked past Tisha. I was amazed at the change. She had told me about Paleo but don’t think I just fell into it I was still resistant. When she would ask me if I had started, I would say, “I am researching and I am waiting on the book at the library” although I had found numerous sites that provided help.

April 1, 2012 Tisha offered to do a 30 day challenge with me. I wanted to join a gym – she introduced me to York at Power Life Fitness who I felt comfortable with and where I have no problems getting help from certified trainers. In the beginning I exercised about 3 days a week but I haven’t been in over a month now.
What were the most important changes you made to lose weight?
Commitment to the process. In the past if I started on a plan and ate something I shouldn’t have I would give up. Giving up sweets , alcohol and no cornbread with my greens became very challenging but every time I reintroduced the flamers to my body I could tell.

How long did it take you to start to see results with Paleo?

In 2 weeks I noticed I wasn’t swelling much. I started in April & the 1st 30 days I lost 16lbs.

Did you notice any other changes health wise while on Paleo?

Not as many RA Flares – more energy- no depression.

6 months is a long time, what has kept you going?

Noticing that I was not ill – people asking “are you dieting” and I could truly say “NO I am LIVING” Pass it on! When I am asked how am I losing weight. I give my testimony that kept me focused

Now that the challenge is over, do you think you will continue to eat Paleo?

Although I had some crash moments – I have never wanted to give up like I did in the past. Yes – I will forever be 90-95% Paleo!

Weight Loss Tips that helped you

Weight loss tip #1:
Fat pushes fat – coconut oil for everything.

Weight loss tip #2:
Warm lemon water upon waking – helps cleanse and is a natural diuretic

Weight loss tip #3:
Lean protein & fat is the key to weight loss

Weight loss tip #4:
Write down everything – even if it is a piece of gum. This helps you get back on track if you are not seeing results.

Any advise you want to give to help inspire someone else?

I have always heard EAT TO LIVE & never truly understood it until Paleo. In the South we LIVE TO EAT. But that has caused all sorts of health issues. Ease in to the lifestyle, 5 days on 2 days off & see how the flamers upset your body. You will go back to what is best for you because your body will tell you.

So I’ve gone from being sick and tired…..Too tired to go anywhere….Sick when I was traveling to the point of not being able to enjoy the journey BUT Paleo has changed that situation. Just came back from escorting 51 passengers on a cruise. Tired yes- exhausted NO! This is not a diet for me but a way of life……

Affirmation: Focus on what you can have – not what you can’t….